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Pupillary Distance

What is a "PD?"

This is the distance between your pupils, and it is crucial to crafting a quality pair of glasses.  We use this measurement to ensure that the “Optical Center” of the lens is placed directly in front of your pupil, and to make sure that any bifocal area is placed accurately in your field of view.  Without this, we simply cannot get your prescription accurate enough.  When you buy eyeglasses online, many sites tell you that it’s OK to guess this number.  WE DON’T!  We would rather you wait until you can verify this accurately and then shop with us, so you’ll be satisfied with your prescription.

How to obtain your PD:

We recommend that you obtain this when you get your yearly eye exam.  For adults, this rarely changes.  For children and adolescents, it may change yearly.  It is not always recorded on your prescription, so you may need to ask for this measurement to be taken.

You may also measure this yourself. You'll need your current glasses, a mirror, and a fine-point wet-erase marker. Wearing your current glasses, stand with your face about 6 to 8 inches from a mirror, and use a wet-erase marker to place a dot on your lenses directly over the center of each pupil. Then take your glasses off, and measure the distance between the dots in millimeters.

If you did not receive this measurement on your yearly visit, try going back to the Doctor or a nearby optician to obtain this measurement.  Their method of measuring is most accurate, and will therefore result in your prescription being accurate.

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