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Using Your Own Eyeglasses Frame

Use Your Own Eyeglasses Frame

It's a very simple process to use your own frame and have new lenses made and installed; we call this our "Re-Lens" Service.


1.  Ship your glasses to us by your chosen method--Just contact us for our shipping address and cost estimate.
2.  We'll manufacture the new lenses, according to your selection of options, and install them.
3.  We'll ship them back to you when we're finished!

Legal Stuff:

Of course, as with anything else in life... there's a few caveats:
A.  We can't be held responsible for what the shipper does with you glasses! 
B.  Once we've received them, we'll take good care of them.  However, we cannot be held responsible for breakages, as we have no way of ensuring the age or condition of the frame being sent to us!  We'll do our best, and we are always careful... but if you send us Aunt Bessie's 200 year old frame for re-lens.... um.... well, you get the point!
C.  You cover the cost of shipping your glasses to us.
D.  Our normal shipping rates apply when we ship the completed glasses back to you.
E.  The only "additional fee" we charge is an $8 "Re-Lens" fee.
F.  There are some types of "non-RX'able" frames out there.  In the unlikely event that we can't put prescription lenses in your frames, we'll contact you to let you know.

Estimate Re-Lens Cost:

If you want to estimate what it will cost, use this method:
** Select any frame on our site (note the base-cost of the frame),
** Select all the lens options you will want in your glasses (i.e. bifocal, anti-reflective, photochromic, etc.)
** Notice the updated price bar according to your selections, then subtract the price of the original frame you selected (since you're not purchasing a new one).
** Add the $8 Re-Lens Fee, then add in the shipping cost of $5.95.
** You're DONE!
** You can also contact us with any questions you may have!

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